“Our Mission”

Rock Harbor Workplace Solutions is a State-of-the-Art Asset Protection Consulting Firm. We strategically package and customize a wide range of cost-saving solutions for: Corporations, Small Businesses, Families and Individuals.

With over 50 years of collaborative insight we guarantee and ensure proven results in the reduction of: Rising Operational Costs, Staffing Burden, Human Capital Management, Healthcare, Life, and Income Assurances.

We take great pride in offering the largest network of Asset Protection Solutions here in the United States and in over seven countries worldwide.

Being vertically aligned in all aspects of our mission gives us the opportunity to assume costly and necessary burdens to give you peace of mind. We understand what it means for you to stay present and focused on your organization and what matters most to your family!

“Our Goal” is to...









Reduce Total Facility Expenses to Increase Profit Margins: Energy, Water, Waste, and Lighting for Commercial, Industry, and Multi-unit Multi-locational Clients Regardless of Size, Location, or Revenue.

Exceed Sustainability Objectives with Expediting Risk-Free Implementation Solutions.

Provide a cutting-edge Staffing Solution to Gain Immediate Access to Capital Savings with the Elimination of: Payroll, Healthcare, and Workman’s Compensation costs.

Maximize Long-Term Capital Savings: With IOT Platforms providing Continuous 24/7 Support to Preventative Maintenance on Critical Equipment.

Strategize Trending Health Insurance Outsourcing for Small Businesses struggling to provide Benefits and Competitive Compensation for employees.

Attract and Retain Skilled Employees with the Implementation of an HCM Collaborative Platform experience today's workforce and millennials admire most.

Create Financial Recovery Assurance for Individuals and their Families, from Personal Losses Due to: Accidents, Critical Illness, Terminal Illness, and Hospitalization needs.

Secure Asset and Financial Protection with: Annuities, Annuities, Buy-Sell, Key-Employee, Individual & Self-Employed Disability, Cancer “Pre-& Post” Diagnosis, Living, Life, Long-Term, and Final Expense Assurances.

“Our Commitment Incorporates”...

We Incorporate Professional Ongoing Services to all Local, State, National and Global Companies of any size. Our Consultative Services reach all 1099, W-2, Union, Seasonal or Year-round Industries...

• Confidential & Strategic Cost Saving Planning

• Substantially Increased Profit Margins

• Time Saving Reviews

• Continuous 24/7 Team Support of all IOT & HCM Solutions

• Condensed & Simplified Facility Statistics, Compliance Reporting, and Billing

• Leadership Coaching

• Complimentary Employee Financial, Asset, and Wellness Webinars and Seminars

• Continuous Claims Advocacy

“Our Resources Provide”...

A competitive pioneering advantage to today’s staffing industry, built to increase profit margins immediately! Unlike any other staffing firm, our partner team provides a lasting impact accompanied by leadership and employee coaching solutions that builds a strong, united, consistent workforce.

A leading network of cost-saving facility sustainability solutions. These resources allow us to customize innovative products, services, and execution models designed to dramatically exceed energy efficiency and implement cost saving objectives rapidly while utilizing complimentary cutting edge IOT technology for the long term in countless industries worldwide.

A Human Capital Management technology that brings together key attraction and retention functions in one robust, easy-to-use platform. Cutting-edge teams have built connections that unleash innovation to today’s workforce. This cost-saving HCM platform manages all mission-critical functions, including Payroll, HR, Time and Attendance, and Benefits, delivered from a single application. Built-in tools and features boost Engagement, Collaboration, and Performance.

A critical solution to asset protection for business owners, groups, self-employed individuals, and families with: Annuities, Buy-Sell, Key-Employee, Cancer “Pre-& Post” Diagnosis, Living, Life, and Long-term Care securities that surpass industry standards. We understand the importance of family planning, college planning, and retirement planning that gives solid peace-of-mind.

A Healthcare Network specializing in Group, Family, and Individual Health and Wellness. Health Insurance is a vital need that is ever-changing and Traditional Health Insurance is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We specialize in the customization of high-demand plans that lower premiums, have zero deductibles, and provide the largest network of doctors without the high cost of PPO’s or the worry of losing choices with an HMO. Our team has the most innovative solutions with plans that pay policy holders directly. Our dedication to continuous research and knowledge in the healthcare industry include Permanent Medical Coverage, Individual and Self-Employed Disability, Terminal Illness, Critical Illness, and Hospitalization needs. (kruiz.myhst.com)

A customized Healthcare Discount Protection Program that includes Teledoc, Health Advocate, Diabetic Supplies, Pharmacy (including pet pharmacy), Dental, Vision, Retail Health Clinics, Chiropractic, Alternative Medicine, Lab Testing, MRI and CT Scans, Hearing Aids, Vitamins, and Durable Medical Equipment in one all-inclusive policy. This extremely affordable program provides a solution for families to help protect personal assets and gives 24/7 peace-of-mind. These beneficial discounts combine to reduce the financial burden of high co-pays and deductibles associated with regular medical visits, necessities, and distracting medical debt burden.

“Our Seminars”...

Financial Wellness & Income Protection Seminars

Rock Harbor Workplace Solutions understands the need for individual educational programs that encompass
Family Financial Wellness & Asset Protection in our communities.

With rising Health Insurance premiums, employers sometimes struggle to offer the best-in-class benefits you need and in most cases are more expensive than you may think. As the need grows greater year after year families are having to work harder to take ownership of their assets, future, and retirements. Did you know…

52% of Americans have less than $1,000.00 in the bank each month


Medical Debt is the #1 cause of Bankruptcy in the US

But where can you go to get convenient, current, professional, and proven advice all under one roof?

Our team of experts, with over 50 years' experience in the Financial and Insurance industry, have teamed together to help
families determine the best plan of action to protect you, your family, your future and your Legacy! We are here to ensure that world-class benefits and larger networks can be available to anyone outside the workplace and at the most affordable price to fit your specific needs and budget.

Our team cares about you and is committed to guiding you through the ever-changing and confusing world of critical
assurances. We believe strongly in our process that is designed to secure and protect your assets in ways that won't leave you "insurance poor" and in giving you freedoms that come with peace-of-mind. We have partnered with the top Fortune 50 carriers in the nation to educate and navigate consumers through the complexities of portable benefits and financial
wellness. Our consultants are highly trained to ensure the highest level of professional assistance anywhere.

We look forward to seeing you!

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